– 10/14/2015: Hundreds March for Holocaust Education, Jewish Community Voice

– 09/15/2015: The Student and the Stranger Who Helped Pay for College by Clare Ansberry, Wall Street Journal

– 04/23/2015: ‘Exit Berlin’ an American Story by Marc Shapiro, Baltimore Jewish Times

– 04/22/2015: From the community: Holocaust Remembrance Program by Robert Manewith, Chicago Tribune

– 04/15/2015: Letters reveal a Jewish businessman’s struggle with family requests from Nazi Germany by Charlotte Bonelli, Jewish Journal

– 01/15/2015: Author presents a Jewish survivor’s story by Maxine Bogle, Cranbury Press

– 11/07/2014: Letters show effort to rescue family from Nazi Germany by JoAnne Viviano, The Columbus Dispatch

– 11/05/2014: Making Her Way: From Kristallnacht to ‘Good Citizen’ by Charlotte Bonelli, Jewish Exponent

– 10/23/2014: Wartime letters show one woman’s courageous efforts to save family from Nazis by Hilary Daninhirsch, The Jewish Chronicle

– 10/8/2014: Wednesday’s Book Review: “Exit Berlin” by Roger Launius

– 9/13/2014: Exit Berlin: How One Woman Saved Her Family from Nazi Germany by June Maffin,

– 8/8/2014: Local Books Roundup by Elizabeth Floyd Mair, Albany Times Union

– 8/4/2014: Holocaust controversies cloud immigration debate by Rafael Medoff, The Jerusalem Post

– 6/22/2014: C-SPAN Book TV Re-Airs Exit Berlin’s Book Launch at AJC Headquarters

– 6/14/2014: C-SPAN Book TV Airs Exit Berlin’s Book Launch at AJC Headquarters

– 6/1/2014: Review, Library Journal

– 4/29/2014: AJC Weekly Radio Messages: Exit Berlin by David Harris, CBS Radio Network

– 4/28/2014: This Week’s Hot Reads: April 28, 2014 by Nicholas Mancusi, The Daily Beast

– 4/28/2014: On My Mind: Luzie’s Secret by Kenneth Bandler, The Jerusalem Post

– 4/17/2014: How the Depression Blinded American Jews to Their German Relatives’ Pleas for Help, Tablet Magazine

– 3/17/2014: Utilizing employee’s letters, AJC publishes ‘Exit Berlin, San Diego Jewish World

– 3/17/2014: Exit Berlin Tells Story of AJC Employee Family’s Escape from Nazi Germany, AJC Press Release

– 3/11/2014: The Quiet Rescuer, Saving Family from Hitler by Francine Klagsbrun, The Jewish Week


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