The Trans-Siberian Route: Luzie to Martha


From Luzie Hatch to Martha Harf, August 30, 1940:

This letter encloses a very disappointing message for you unfortunately, and I am dreadfully sorry that I must write this note.

Arnold showed me a copy of his letter to you… Well, you should have already received this letter and know that Arnold is against you going on the long, burdensome and expensive trip over Russia and Japan.

I want to give you a personal advice now. I have information for you. I have found out that the journey through Russia has so far often been sponsored by the “Hilfsverein,” [German Jewish Aid Society]. Please contact the “Hilfsverein” immediately to work this out for you.

I strongly believe it might be easier to have Arnold do something if one could tell him that funding until Japan is ensured. I am sorry, this is the only advice I am able to give you at the moment.

This is all I can recommend to you today. I will remain being committed and will not forget all of you.



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