A Misunderstanding: Luzie to Arnold


From Luzie Hatch to Arnold Hatch, December 11, 1938:

First of all I want you to be assured that until now I had always to live simply, economically and wisely and that I never intended to live here in another manner. On the contrary I never spend a cent if it is not necessary.

Stephen asked me whether I need money, and I answered that I already spent a lot, but that I have enough. So he said I should write to you if I am low in funds, and I told him before writing I would prefer to sell my jewelry and my fur coat as for this special purpose I bought these things in Germany.

I am not at all discouraged, but as now I am accustomed a little more to all those things I didn’t know before, I feel quite happy and hope quite confidentially that I find a job within the next time.

I shall go to different places and hope that there will be a chance for me. Also on Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll try to find work and let you know the results at once.

Dear Cousin Arnold, please be convinced that I really don’t live without regard to expense, and please be so kind to show your brother Stephen this letter, so that any other misunderstanding will be avoided.

Yours, as ever,


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