The Trans-Siberian Route: Arnold to Luzie


From Arnold Hatch to Luzie Hatch, August 28, 1940:

Now, it is utterly impractical at this time to send two women from Cologne via Berlin, Moscow, Siberia, and Japan or even by the other overland routing to Lisbon. The steamers are packed. The journey is hazardous and uncertain, and the American Express Company in accepting the utterly impossible sum of $700.00 per person does not guarantee a thing except that they will return your money in case transportation cannot be arranged.

All of the foregoing means that things will just have to wait until this war is over, if it ever is, and I would really much prefer not to be bothered by these wild plans in the meanwhile. Things in the world are so uncertain that I cannot get into plans as insane as the above mentioned. Just as an example of how uncertain things are, we sent through a reputable bank some money to the Rosenfelds [Dora’s family] in Palestine, which is not in the immediate war zone, back in May, and so far the bank has not been able to show delivery of this money.

I appreciate that when either you or Mrs. Friedmann [Martha’s stepdaughter] write to Martha she will be bitterly disappointed, but there is nothing else that can be done for the time being. I did not start this war, and I cannot finish it, and I cannot change the conditions that result from it.

With much love to you, I am


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