A Misunderstanding: Arnold to Luzie


From Arnold Hatch to Luzie Hatch, December 8, 1938:

I must insist right at the beginning that when you do things of this kind that you consult with me and not simply go ahead on your own initiative and without regard to expense or what others may think.

It will be my responsibility to look after you until you are able to find a job and support yourself, but you will have to consult with me about things and not just do as you please, move where you please, and live as you please, without regard to expense. Money is as important here just the same as it is in Germany and is not to be squandered.

Now, as regards a job. It is true that finding a job is not easy, but perhaps it is still more difficult to find just the sort of a job that you think you are entitled to have. Right at this time of year with all the stores putting on Christmas help and with your selling experience, I should imagine that you could find something to do, unless you have arrived at the conclusion that only a certain type of dignified job will do for you.

Now, it is not my intention to be mean or petty or miserly with you because that is not my way at all, but you must not get any false ideas about things right at the beginning of your life in America. I object very strenuously to your proceeding about a lot of things without consulting me, and when I feel strongly about anything I say so.

Now, get busy and see if you cannot place yourself, and instead of all this intimation about how you are broke, how you are planning to sell your fur coat, how you are blue and discouraged about finances, just write me the facts from time to time, and I will see that you do not want for anything as long as you live simply, economically, and wisely.

Yours, as ever,


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